2012 Year of the Dragon Gold Coin

2012 Year of the Dragon Gold Coin

The Perth Mint’s Australian Lunar Series II experienced a boost in popularity with the release of the 2012 Year of Dragon Coins. Sales were higher across literally all bullion and numismatic product options when compared to the prior year. The dragon is the fifth animal in the ancient Chinese zodiac and the only mythological creature represented.

The reverse design features a traditional Chinese dragon with a long scaled body and four legs. The striking depiction is completed with a “pearl of wisdom”. The inscriptions include the Chinese character for Dragon and “Year of the Dragon” below the image. On the obverse is the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, which has been used for each issue of the series. The inscriptions provides an indication of the precious metal weight and purity, the legal tender denomination, and the “2012” date.

People born within the date range of January 23, 2012 to February 9, 2013 are said to have been born in the Year of the Dragon. These people are believed to have the characteristics of strength, bravery, passion, and determination. The dragon is also regarded as a symbol of wealth and power, which can bring good fortune and prosperity.

There was broad enthusiasm for the 2012 Year of the Dragon Gold Coins from both precious metals investors and collectors, which drove sales to high levels. The bullion version was available in an array of nine different sizes ranging from 1/20 troy ounce to 10 kilograms. The most popular option was the 1/10 ounce size, and the 1 ounce size completely sold out of its entire maximum mintage of 30,000 pieces.

High Relief Year of the Dragon Gold Coin

The numismatic range included some familiar products with one new addition. As in previous years proof versions of the coin were available in 1 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 1/10 ounce sizes, along with colored versions across a range of five different weights. This year the Perth Mint surprised collectors by offering the 1 oz gold proof high relief coin. Both the obverse and reverse were minted on concave surfaces to present a stunning representation of the design. This special issue was limited to a maximum mintage of only 388 coins.

Bullion Mintages

Denomination Weight Maximum Mintage Declared Mintage
$30,000 10 kg 100 3
$3,000 1 kg Unlimited 241
$1,000 10 oz Unlimited 1,087
$200 2 oz Unlimited 5,986
$100 1 oz 30,000 30,000
$50 1/2 oz Unlimited 19,370
$25 1/4 oz Unlimited 18,620
$15 1/10 oz Unlimited 33,059
$5 1/20 oz Unlimited 23,322

Numismatic Mintages

Product Maximum Mintage Sales To Date
Three Coin Proof Set (1 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz) 3,000 1,855
Individual 1 oz Proof Coin 3,000 1,933
Individual 1/4 oz Proof Coin 5,000 2,701
Individual 1/10 oz Proof Coin 5,000 3,894
High Relief 1 oz Proof Coin 388 286
1 oz Colored Coin 6,000 468
1/2 oz Colored Coin 8,000 574
1/4 oz Colored Coin 8,000 5,969
1/10 oz Colored Coin 50,000 19,106
1/20 oz Colored Coin 50,000 19,599
* sales through March 6, 2013