2001 Year of the Snake Gold Coin

2000 Year of the Snake Gold Coin

The Australian Lunar Gold Coin Series reached its sixth annual release with the 2001 Year of the Snake Gold Coins. By this point, the popularity of the 99.99% pure gold offerings had increased, lending towards higher sales levels and an expansion of the range of bullion offerings.

The reverse design for this year depicted a snake curling around a tree branch surrounded by the traditional beaded border. The inscriptions included the Chinese character for snake within the right field and the date within the left field. An indication of the precious metal weight and purity appears below. As typical, the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley appears on the obverse of the coin with inscriptions “Australia” and “Elizabeth II” along with the “2001” date.

The date range for this Year of the Snake ran from January 24, 2001 to February 11, 2002. Those born under the influence of this sign are believed to be wise, independent, analytical, and charming. They are believed to be natural leaders with courage and determination.

The gold bullion coin options for this year included one kilogram, ten ounce, and two ounce coins with unlimited mintages. Coins with limited mintages included the one ounce, one-quarter ounce, one-tenth ounce, and one-twentieth ounce sizes. For only the second time within the series to date, the one ounce size reached its full maximum mintage of 30,000 pieces.

Numismatic options remained the same as offered in recent prior years with a three coin proof st and two individual proof coins available to collectors.

Bullion Mintages

Denomination Weight Maximum Mintage Declared Mintage
$3,000 1 kg Unlimited 156
$1,000 10 oz Unlimited 153
$200 2 oz Unlimited 1,295
$100 1 oz 30,000 30,000
$25 1/4 oz 60,000 8,436
$15 1/10 oz 80,000 19,281
$5 1/20 oz 100,000 19,738

Numismatic Mintages

Product Maximum Mintage Declared Mintage
Three Coin Set (1 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz) 5,000 1,223
Individual 1/4 oz Proof Coin 7,000 1,487
Individual 1/10 oz Proof Coin 7,000 1,860